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                  The Bumps Story

     It was a labor of love to make 'oatmeal raisin pecan' cookies for my kids during the holidays in the 1980's. They nicknamed them when they asked "Ma, when are you gonna make some more of them ‘Bumps’?"  I baked the healthiest for my children and I bake the same healthy and delicious cookies for you!  These gourmet oatmeal cookies are made from scratch with organic, all natural, nothing you can't pronounce ingredients.  In 2004, I retired as a high school Asst. Principal and moved to Atlanta, GA.  I gave away Bumps Cookies for the holidays and many people encouraged and inspired me to sell them.  It sounded like a blessing and something fun to do with the rest of my life!  I was told if I gave away 1000 cookies something would happen.  I began giving away 'Bumps'and within a week people were buying them and giving them to their friends.  I loved it when they called me 'Cookie Lady'!  Since 2005 I have been creating and perfecting these recipes because I love to bring delicious joy to people. We now have 7+ flavors and counting!  The main ingredients in all Bumps are 'oatmeal and love' which are both good for your heart!  When you bite into Bumps Cookies you will hum and nod!  They are not too big, they are not too sweet, they are just delicious! 

Try some, buy some, give some!
With Love,

                                             Fran the Cookie Lady


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